Gum disease causes inflammation and oral pain, but can progress into irreversible damage to the teeth, tissues, and jawbone if left untreated. At River Park Dental, Phing Saurer provides her patients with preventive dental care, including routine check-ups and specialized treatments for advanced stages of periodontal disease. Treatment options include scaling and root planing to slow or stop permanent damage and to improve the overall health of your smile. Dr. Saurer sees patients throughout Dublin, OH.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease refers to several stages of infection in the gums or the tissues surrounding the teeth. When left untreated, infection progresses into periodontitis or serious inflammation of the gums that can potentially damage the teeth, tissues, and jawbone. At River Park Dental, Dr. Saurer provides thorough dental screenings to detect early signs and symptoms of periodontitis.

Causes of periodontal disease

The primary cause of periodontal disease is poor dental hygiene. When plaque is left on the teeth, this allows bacteria to grow and harm the teeth and gums, leading to inflammation and infection. Advanced periodontitis may result in the gums pulling away from the teeth and exposing the roots to infection and damage.

What is scaling and root planing?

Dental scaling is a delicate cleaning process where the dental hygienist uses specialized tools to remove plaque from above and below the gumline. At River Park Dental, Dr. Saurer uses laser-assisted technology for root planing treatment to gently remove harmful plaque and bacteria from the gum pockets This smoothes out the roots and promotes healing and reattachment to the gums.

What determines if a patient needs scaling and root planing treatment?

Patients may require scaling and root planing treatment if they display symptoms of advanced periodontal disease or periodontitis. If the gum line recedes up to 3 millimeters away from the teeth, or if the teeth display signs of bone loss, then Dr. Saurer may recommend scaling and root planing treatment. This occurs when there’s a need to prevent tooth loss, permanent damage to the oral structures, or dental surgery.

What is the treatment process like?

Scaling and root planing treatments are performed at River Park Dental in one of our private treatment rooms. Dr. Saurer administers a mild local anesthetic to the treatment site and then uses scaling equipment and laser-assisted technology to remove unwanted bacteria and plaque. Once your treatment is finished, Dr. Saurer applies topical antibiotics to each treatment site and then sends you home the same day.

Recovery after scaling and root planing treatment

Patients usually experience temporary swelling and soreness around the gums and teeth, which will subside within a few days. To reduce discomfort, patients are permitted to use over-the-counter pain medication and salt water rinse. Patients are expected to make a full recovery within 3-5 days.

Learn more about the benefits of scaling and root planing for periodontal disease.

If you reside in or near Dublin and all surrounding areas of Columbus, OH and are experiencing advanced stages of periodontal disease, contact us at River Park Dental and schedule a consultation today. Dr. Phing Saurer will assess your oral health and see if scaling and root planing treatments are right for you.