We Received an Amazing Letter

Dublin Dentist

An unexpected and touching letter.

Dear Dr. Saurer,

Where do I begin?  When you reached out to me, you were unaware of the profound impact you would have on my family. Perhaps you still can’t understand the depths of our gratitude.

I was struggling and you saw my situation for what it was — and approached us with such genuine concern and compassion.


When my tire blew on the way to your office, my heart sank as I called to tell you I’d have to reschedule. I was so desperate to get my baby’s tongue tie revised and I kept hitting all these roadblocks. That one phone call changed my day — my life really — as I was informed that you, along with some of your staff, were coming to rescue us from the side of the highway.

After getting my tire changed out and my dead battery jumped, you still welcomed me into your practice for an evaluation and revision. You shared with me your own personal struggles with tongue ties and breastfeeding and let me vent my frustrations, all while your staff entertained and engaged with my other children.

The gentleness and love you showed while handling my sweet baby came straight from your heart.


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You have continued to keep in contact with me and check up on us. You’ve answered my hundreds of questions, let me complain, and have done extra research to try and help us succeed. You have personally and professionally invested yourself into my family and I am forever grateful.

Dr. Saurer, you are the epitome of the compassion that I’m seeking in others, while trying to portray it myself.

I feel blessed to have met you. There aren’t many people I’d drive 70 miles each way to see, but between your kind heart, Ellen’s latte skills, Matt’s tire changing expertise, and Missy’s willingness to entertain and feed my kids, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Thank you.


Your biggest and littlest fans,

The Beckley Family

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