Find Relief from TMJ/TMD at River Park Dental in Dublin, OH

If you’ve been grappling with jaw pain or recurrent headaches, the cause might be TMJ/TMD. At River Park Dental & Esthetics, we’re here to help. Dr. Phing Saurer and our team offer comprehensive TMJ/TMD treatments that can provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Unraveling TMJ/TMD

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint — the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull. TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorders, refers to a range of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the TMJ and the muscles that control jaw movement.

Causes of TMD

TMD can stem from various issues, such as injury to the jaw, grinding or clenching of teeth (often stress-induced), arthritis in the TMJ, or even certain types of movement of the soft cushion or disc within the joint.

Symptoms of TMD

Common TMD symptoms include:

  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Difficulty opening or closing your mouth
  • Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw
  • Recurrent headaches or earaches
  • Pain while chewing

The Connection to Sleep Apnea

Interestingly, TMD is often linked to sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where breathing stops and starts intermittently. The shared muscle and nerve pathways between the airway and the jaw joint can mean that a problem in one can lead to issues in the other.

TMD Treatment Options

At River Park Dental & Esthetics, we offer customized treatment plans for TMD, which might include:

  • Physical therapy exercises for the jaw
  • Relaxation techniques to alleviate stress
  • Oral appliances to reduce teeth grinding or align the jaw
  • Referrals for surgery in severe cases

Our goal is to mitigate your symptoms, improve jaw function, and enhance your quality of life.

Pricing and Insurance

Cost should never be a barrier to relief from pain. We offer transparent pricing and work with a wide range of insurance providers. For those without insurance, we also have financing options to ensure you get the care you need.

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