About Tooth Extractions

Even though the team at River Park Dental and Esthetics makes every effort to rescue and maintain your natural teeth, there are instances where a tooth or teeth may have to be extracted. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that’s visible over the gumline. This is normally done for a tooth that is damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired. A surgical extraction removes a tooth that has not erupted over the gumline. Surgical extractions are most frequently done to take out impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth, that don’t have sufficient room to fit in your mouth. Regardless of the reason for needing a tooth extraction, Dr. Phing Saurer will provide you with the best care. Contact our Dublin, OH dental office to schedule an assessment with Dr. Saurer to enhance your oral health.

Tooth Extractions

What to Expect with Tooth Extractions

Extractions are done at River Park Dental and Esthetics using local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Oral-conscious sedation could also be used to help you stay relaxed. For a simple type of extraction, Dr. Saurer will loosen up the tooth using a special device prior to removing the tooth. A surgical extraction involves making incisions into your gums to get to the tooth. Once the tooth has been removed, Dr. Saurer will suture the incision in the gums. Depending on the type of sedation used during your dental extraction, you might need to have a friend or family member drive you home. As your gums heal, you should avoid smoking, spitting, and using straws. During your recovery, you may want to eat soft, cold foods for the first couple of days following the dental procedure. Dr. Saurer will talk to you regarding what is normal during your recovery and the best ways to take care of your mouth.

Simple and Surgical Extraction

If you have a damaged tooth or you need wisdom teeth removal, a tooth extraction at River Park Dental and Esthetics can help improve your oral health and smile. To learn more about your options for simple and surgical extractions, schedule a consultation with oral surgeon Dr. Saurer at our office in Dublin, OH. We can provide more information about sedation options to help you stay relaxed and calm throughout the process.

Tooth Extractions FAQs

River Park Dental and Esthetics uses methods like local anesthesia to numb the dental treatment area and oral-conscious sedation so you can remain relaxed during the surgical procedure. As a result, most patients report feeling little to no dental pain during their tooth extraction. Our team will work diligently to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

No special preparation is needed for a routine tooth extraction. Of course, brushing your permanent teeth and flossing on the day of your appointment in Dublin, OH is always a good idea! This removes any food particles that could potentially incease risk of infection infection. If you have had dental work done in the past, it’s important to let us know so we can take appropriate measures.

Dr. Saurer recommends sticking with soft foods or liquids for a few days after your tooth extraction. This gives the treatment area time to heal and reduces your risk of complications. Good options include applesauce, yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Avoid anything chewy, crunchy, or sticky, as these can cause discomfort and interfere with the healing process.