About BOTOX® Therapeutic

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the place where your jaw connects to your skull to enable you to open and close your jaw easily. Sometimes the temporomandibular joint is damaged or injured, leading to a painful condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder (TMD). If you’re having pain or hearing noises whenever you open your jaw, you might benefit from BOTOX injections for TMJ. Made from a purified strain of botulinum toxin type A, BOTOX injections in your jaw work by temporarily freezing the muscles that cause teeth grinding and clenching. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Phing Saurer in Dublin, OH to learn more about this innovative treatment for TMJ.

BOTOX® Therapeutic

What to Expect with BOTOX Therapeutic

To help diagnose TMJ/TMD, Dr. Saurer will assess how your jaw moves and look for signs of teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and misalignment of your teeth. Once she has determined that you are a good candidate for BOTOX Therapeutic, your injections will be performed in-office. A fine needle will be used to inject the BOTOX into selected areas of your jaw. Most people say this feels like a quick pinprick sensation. This works to relax your jaw muscles that cause jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Following your injections, you can get right back to your usual day. For most patients, BOTOX lasts about four months, and Dr. Saurer will let you know how often you may need additional treatments. As you receive more injections, you may notice your outcomes last longer so you can space your follow-up sessions further apart.

Advanced TMD Treatments

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain makes it hard to eat, speak, and enjoy your life. At River Park Dental and Esthetics, we offer BOTOX injections to help our patients get relief from jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms of TMJ/TMD. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Phing Saurer at our dental office in Dublin, OH to find out more about our treatment options for jaw disorders.

BOTOX® Therapeutic FAQs

No, most patients don’t find these quick and easy injections painful. The needle used to give the injection is very fine, and most say it simply feels like just a little pinprick, then it’s over.
No, there isn’t. You can go right back to work or your regular routine once your procedure at River Park Dental and Esthetics is finished. However, Dr. Saurer may recommend against strenuous activities for up to 48 hours after your injections.
Most patients will see relief from their TMD symptoms and a general overall improvement for about four months. Dr. Saurer will talk to you during your consultation about how often you should get BOTOX Therapeutic treatments.