What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Whether you simply don’t want your tattoo anymore or you’ve determined your skin art doesn’t represent your personality, you have several options to significantly diminish the appearance of your ink. At River Park Dental and Esthetics, Dr. Phing Saurer offers laser tattoo removal with a sophisticated laser system, the Harmony XL PRO. This laser device utilizes a highly-effective photo-acoustic effect that breaks down the ink particles without damaging the surrounding skin. Over time, the body will expel these particles naturally. To keep you comfortable during the procedure, the Harmony XL PRO also features an onboard cooling system to soothe the treatment area. If you’re holding onto a tattoo that you want to erase, call our facility in Dublin, OH today and come in for a private consultation with Dr. Saurer.

Tattoo Removal

How is Laser Tattoo Removal Performed?

Once Dr. Saurer decides that your skin is ideal for laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattoo will be prepped with a careful cleansing and an application of numbing cream. Dr. Saurer will begin by passing the Harmony XL PRO applicator over the surface of the skin as it releases laser light and pulsing energy. The time it takes to complete the procedure can vary and depends on the size of the tattoo, but typical sessions can last about 20 – 60 minutes. Sometimes, the tattoo will require a number of sessions before noticeable results can be seen. This will all be discussed at your private consultation.

Start Fresh With A Clean Slate

Tattoos can be gorgeous works of art and mesmerizing as a glimpse of our identity and self-image. However, when we have a tattoo we no longer love, the idea of its permanence on the body can be tough to manage. At River Park Dental and Esthetics, we care about your concerns and want to offer an effective solution. We utilize the innovative Harmony XL PRO tattoo removal system that provides exciting results to patients all over the country. If you have a tattoo that you want to remove or if you want to know more about laser tattoo removal in Dublin, OH, we invite you to contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you start anew with a clean slate.